Our Conservatories

We use industry-leading Ultraframe products for our conservatories. Established 25 years ago, Ultraframe are still at the forefront of conservatory technology & design through constant evolutionary development. Ultraframe not only stringently test conservatories in their own modern test facilities, but they also use independent third party accreditation. Every Ultraframe conservatory roofing system has been given a life expectancy of at least 25 years by the BBA (British Board of Agrément) and was the first in the industry to acquire this accreditation.

A wide range of conservatory styles is available within the Ultraframe range, and when you use ProFix to design and build your conservatory you also benefit from the Ultraframe Universal Guarantee.

Duraflex Windows & Doors

To complement our conservatories we use the highest quality Duraflex windows and doors in all installations. Duraflex is one of the largest extruders of PVCU profiles for windows and doors in the UK. The Duraflex range of profiles is built to the very highest standards and is at the cutting edge of product development and innovation.

Duraflex’s constantly evolving PVCu systems provide industry leading innovations in design aesthetics, offering both technical and practical benefits.

All our Duraflex products conform to British and European standards relating to manufacture and performance.

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A selection of our most popular conservatories


The Victorian conservatory is the most popular style of conservatory. That’s because the Victorian conservatory suits all house styles – be they period property or a new build. The Victorian conservatory springs most readily to mind when people think of conservatory styles.

The Victorian conservatory style includes a bay front, a steeply pitched roof and ornate ridge details. These days, of course, your Victorian conservatory, made out of modern materials such as PVCu and aluminium, is built to last.

Victorian conservatory styles comprise the three-facet Victorian, featuring a bay front with three main windows at wide angles, and the five-facet Victorian. This conservatory style also has a bay front but with five main windows for space as well as aesthetics.

Edwardian / Georgian

The Georgian conservatory style features a flat front and a square or rectangular symmetrical shape. This makes the Georgian conservatory a really handy shape for laying out furniture and plants, with no wasted space. The Georgian conservatory typically has a high, sloping roof style that gives a spectacular vaulted effect. Your conservatory floods with light, making it a bright, airy and uplifting room.

Georgian conservatories were originally built on period homes from the 18th and early 19th centuries, and the style has been replicated on many neo-Georgian homes ever since. Own one and you’ve every right to feel posh, because the Georgian conservatory was originally the preserve only of those with style and the very rich who lived in stately homes. The Georgian conservatory was highly exclusive, coming as they did before the boom Victorian time for conservatories.

Livin Room (Orangery)

The LivinRoom Orangery is a truly multi functional home extension, creating a pleasant and relaxing space or alternatively as a family room. The LivinRoom Orangery uses the well proven Ultraframe Classic roof at its heart, and a well engineered internal framework is added, then plastered, to give a perimeter ceiling all the way round. View the Orangery Range.

The LivinRoom Orangery can be used in a range of shapes from Victorian, Georgian, Lean-to and Gables. The LivinRoom Orangery is also suitable to be used with box gutters, meaning there is almost no limit to the design you can have. To further enhance the usability of the LivinRoom Orangery, down lighters and speakers can be built in to the perimeter roof, so the homeowner can truly stamp their mark on this living space. A further option is the external Cornice aluminium guttering which adds to the overall external visual effect of the LivinRoom Orangery.

Gable End

A gable-end conservatory can add real grandeur to your home. Gable-end conservatories date back to the Georgian style, of which modern gable-end conservatories are a variant. With a gable-end conservatory, the front of the roof doesn’t slope back to the centre. Instead, the front of the conservatory stays upright, like the end of a house. This is where the gable-end conservatory style gets its name from.

A gable-end conservatory is square or rectangular in style, like a Georgian conservatory. This gives you maximum space to plan the interior of your gable-end conservatory. The gable front of the conservatory adds style and also maximises light coming into the room, while the height of the conservatory gives the room a feeling of space. The gable roof provides a grand and stunning impact both inside and out, and the front of the gable-end conservatory looks like the rising of the sun. This is often called a sunburst effect.

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